Kamis, 31 Juli 2008


Hello, minna.

Um... what are we going to talk about? Oh, right, introduction. Well, then, hello. My name is Fitry. I am a homeschooler, now homeschool graduater, just yesterday, alhamdulillah... I'm on my 16th years of life now, and hopefully still on-going. ^_^

One thing about this blog is in English was because Mom wanted me sharpen my English... (she also complained about my brother who said that he wanted to be an English teacher but he wouldn't go even by just writing his post in English...) Hence, this writing.

A bit long for an introduction, and this is not revealing anything matter about me, haha... I hope I will update this regularly as a... um... blog.

Well, see you next time, then. ^_^

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