Jumat, 01 Agustus 2008

At the Love's Night

The rain fell softly, dripping, drizzling to the surface of the gray street. I walked, surrounded by none human beings. Not many people as insane as I was, I know, by walking alone, through the drizzle, sun almost completely set down. But you know, it was logic to do so, because I couldn't stand the temporary traffic jam which was caused by some motorcycle slipped to the sidewalk. Ouch.

And then the traffic was being fluent again, not five minutes after I stepped out of the traffic jam. Ah, not that I was regretting it, not at all.

And then I continued thinking about the singing beggar that showed up in the public transport.

He was reek of alcohol. I thought he was on high, although I've never truly known how to differ the drunks. I just knew. The smell made me sick. His eyes was wild, and he wore nothing but a cheap, plastic sandal. I knew, because I was the one who sat nearest with him. My favorite seat, you know, near the entrance of the public transportation?

He didn't even sing. He just made a speech, a poor one at that, but somehow it felt like he was honest, like from the depth of his heart. ...not that poetic, though.

He complained to the passenger. How he was suffered, how when asked for money, begged for money, people were just shooking their heads and "...just smiled gracefully. You think we'd full only by eating those smiles!?" he whined.
"You people wear nice shoes, and many of us walk barefoot!" he compared.
"Maybe you think people like me would go to hell, then go there I will! I don't care! Living here is hell enough for me!" he dared.

The driver grinned painfully, and told us to just ignore that man, "he was just drunk," the driver said.
Two people, mother-and-daughter who sat in front of me, gritted their teeth, looked somewhat disgusted by that person.
A women behind me whispered not-so-silently to someone beside her about how the man being an eye sore.

Me? As I laughed inwardly because people--who wanted to beg for some money--didn't usually do that and I was amazed by his courage to do so, I cried. I pitied him for pitying himself. I pitied him for not believing in a better future, whether it would be near or far ahead.

People might think that I was exaggerating my reaction, but truly, my heart was so empty. What a dark life he felt living on.

Water dripped to my glasses, blurred out my vision. I stepped at the stair, crossed the bridge, and it wouldn't be too far until I reached my neighborhood.

So rain still fell softly indeed, and I thought about how few love I felt on the Valentine's day.


So, uh, it was truly my experience this year's Valentine. I was expecting the story to be funny, dark-humor, but funny nonetheless, but it appeared I couldn't. A part of that, dare I say, because again my mom bugging me, since she wants to use the internet, too. Duh.

Let's say that it was written out of blue? The story is actually much, much longer than this, if I want to add why I feel the Valentine was so few of love, and the funny part (cause I totally erased the lighter part), and few things. I'm so not satisfied with this, but whatever. Heh. Anyways, yay, my third post! ^_^

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