Jumat, 08 Agustus 2008

You can be afraid and try, or you can just be afraid

Even though I found that phrase in a romance-story, the saying goes for everything.

To do something unusual, to just be yourself no matter how different you (unknown by yourself) are.

To walk far because you're impatient to wait the bus, and people stare at you from the bus just when you had started walking. (but you continue walking anyway)

To enjoy the walk, the air was nice and the wind was slightly cool after all.

To forget the disturbing bruise on your left ankle because the scenery was just simply refreshing.

To hear songs and mumble those out that you know others would just frowning listing to those types of songs.

To introduce yourself, and get new friendly friends in turn.

To simply just silence yourself so you wouldn't get exploded because of the heat around you.

To regain your confidence calling your best friend that you haven't called for months, just complaining the day, and get a heart-warming advises to stay calm...

Those are actually things that I myself experienced few days ago.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND, by the way, because of the saying, I'll brave myself up and post my ongoing stories here.... yay! ^_^

It's a rather short posts because it's out of sudden, but oh well.

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